Family is the greatest treasure for everyone. Loving and giving attention to the family can be manifested in various ways. One of them is giving gifts.

Parents are very important family members and loved by all family members. Therefore, when there is a special event, there is nothing wrong with giving expressions of gratitude with various gifts suitable for parents.

A memorable gift for parents doesn’t always have to be fancy or expensive. Even the humble and simple gifts never fail to put the sweetest smile on their lips. Depending on what the hobbies or preferences of each of our grandparents are, the gifts that resonate most with them, are generally closely related to useful daily activities.

1. Calendar with Family Photo Images

In the 12-pages annual calendar, each page can display a family photo that looks cute and compact in a photo studio. Your parents will certainly appreciate this special gift. They can look at the photos of the child and all family members at any time in this special calendar throughout the year.

2. Vacation Tickets

Parents who are still active are just like everyone else. They want to take a vacation or visit amazing new places. You can book vacation tickets for parents abroad. You can also book a vacation ticket for the two of your beloved parents on a cruise ship. Cruise ship vacations are currently becoming a trend for vacations.

3. Favorite Books

To fill in spare time, there’s nothing wrong with giving parents books that are useful or according to their hobbies. For example, books on cooking for your mother or books on crossword puzzles for your father. Other books that may be useful are such as handicraft books, novels, or religious books.

4. Parcel

Another gift that is no less interesting is one that contains snacks for your parents. Usually, they enjoy snacking to relax in the afternoon while accompanied by a cup of tea or warm milk.

5. Gardening Tools

Gardening hobby is still a favorite among your parents. Not only filling spare time, but gardening is also a means for your parents to stay active as an alternative to exercising. Not only that, the results of gardening can also be felt immediately, namely harvesting vegetables or fruits that are picked directly from the backyard of the house.